Sera Feather Heart Jackson


ArĂȘte 5
Willpower 10

Strength 3, Dexterity 4(hand-eye coordination), Stamina 4(Tenacious)
Charisma 5(Regal), Manipulation 2, Appearance 4(Captivating)
Perception 4(Uncanny Insight), Intelligence 5(Keen-edged mind), Wits 4(Cunning)

Animal Kinship 4(Calming), Carousing 3, High Rituals 4(Spontaneous Ritual), Lucid Dreaming 4(Vision questing), Search 3, Alertness 3, Art 3(Drawing), Awareness 4(Resonance), Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Empathy 4("I know what you need "),Intimidation 2, Streetwise 2, Flight 3, Subterfuge 2
Archery 3, Riding 1, Crafts 5(Tattooing, smithing)Etiquette 5(Umbral Courts), Meditation 4(Meditative Movement), Melde 2, Research 3, Stealth 4(Concealment), Survival 5(Old-school Wisdom)
Area Knowledge 2, Belief Systems 4(Current Events), Lore 5 (Spirits, Dreamspeaker, Mage, Fetish), Pharmacopoeia/Poisons 2, Computer 1, Cosmology 5(Paths), Enigmas 5(Arcane Enigmas), Esoterica 5(Celestialography, Iwapo, Norse Runes),Investigation 4(Spotting Clues), Law 2, Medicine 3, Occult 5(Urban Legends),

Avatar 5(Valkyrie), Totem 2(the grey wanderer), Demense 3, Familiar 4(Hugin and Munin), Node 1, Dream 1, Resources 5, Pure Breed 3, Allies 1(the law firm that handles her estate)

Correspondence 3, Entropy 4, Forces 3, Life 4, Matter 4, Mind 3, Prime 4, Spirit 5, Time 3

Umbra Affinity 4[Infinte Tapestry], Unaging 2, Cyclical Magic 3[Seasons], Kinfolk, Languages 1( Norwegian), Enhancement 4 (Retractable wings), Enhancement 4(retractable claws)

Amnesia 2[before her awakening], Echoes 1[faint smell of other worlds around- commonly the one she last visited], Echoes 1[person in mirror and person in real life not the same. Akin to looking at someone from a different timeline. Mirrors only not all reflective surfaces.], Independent Shaman[Tradition book dreamspeaker], Overconfident 1, Mixed Breeding 3( House winter snow and uktena)


Sera Feather Heart Jackson

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